Saturday, January 24, 2009

Philippines Adventure!

Hey guys! So I know I haven't updated in FOREVER, but I am now done teaching for a few weeks, and on vacation, so there will be updates soon... I promise!

On Wednesday, I flew from Beijing with a temperature of -5C to Manila, Philippines at a balmy temperature of 25C. It's so nice and warm and tropic here! My travel partner, Christian, and I have been taking Manila by storm, walking the streets, going to the old Spanish parts of town, and generally reeking havoc at the clubs at night.

Manila is a different kind of capital. The city of Manila is surrounded by 7 other cities, making up a huge, discombobulated city metro, which causes the worst traffic jams I have ever been in! It is constant chaos! The national car of the Philippines is this little funny looking thing that can only seat maybe 15 at a time, so there are 100s of them all over the streets, with as many bikes, motorcycles, and SUVs crowding every corner of the city. And I thought the traffic in Beijing was bad...

I will update this more when I have some pictures of my own to upload, and a little more time, but wanted to make a quick update now. Tomorrow I fly to the island of Boracay for some beach, sun, and SCUBA. I can't wait!


e said...

pretty picturessss. do you remember jason karsh from beijing? i visited him in london this past weekend. it was fun. i wish i could visit you too!


Anonymous said...

that beach picture is gorgeous!! - doug